Heinmiller’s Custom Filters

For situations where a standard size disposable filter doesn’t fit a customer’s air handler Heinmiller can come to the rescue with custom made filtration.

Store bought fiberglass filters are not the best solution for capturing contaminants – plus, many times they won’t properly fit into certain types of systems.

Heinmiller Heating & Cooling can create a Polyester Media Filter for just this type of situation. They are made to fit perfectly and feature a sturdy metal frame. They are washable, and with good upkeep will give you 2 to 5 years of dependable service. And when you do need to replace the media with new material, we have that available for you.

Best of all, these custom media filters are up to 6 times more efficient than standard disposable filters. That means they will arrest up to 6 times more particulate matter, keeping your system running smoother and longer while keeping your indoor air better

We also offer April Aire filtration products and Ultraviolet lights which can arrest the growth of organisms at the source.

Indoor Air Technology is an area in which advancements are made often. Contact Heinmiller to learn the latest options and how they apply to your conditions at home.

April Aire

UV Lights


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